Lenmak Exterior Innovations Inc. specializes in world class, state of the art manufacturing of light gauge metals for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. Lenmak leads the market in technology, allowing us to penetrate new market growth and manufacture custom products efficiently, accurately, and economically. In addition we are the only manufacturer offering targeted skill and equipment to the exterior panel and curtain wall industry.

Lenmak was established in Edmonton in 1996 and have experienced significant success since that time. We strive daily to meet and exceed our past accomplishments. Our customer base has grown to include installation companies, building supply yards, home and commercial builders and window and door manufacturers.

Lenmak takes pride in offering quality products and excellent customer service. We strive for excellence through our professional attitude, competence and efficiency.

Flawless from Fabrication to Finish.


EnvaTherm® Passes with Flying Colours – Thermal Simulation Results

A third-party engineer review of products in typical assemblies indicates up to 38% better curtain-wall performance is possible with EnvaTherm® & SpandrelTherm™ insulated products.


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New Product Alert: Architectural Panel System - Aluminaire™

Aluminaire™ Panel Systems by Lenmak Exterior Innovations Inc. introduce affordable & sophisticated design options to single & multi-storey construction.
Sleek metallics and vibrant colours are attainable with lean manufacturing and world-class robotics. Custom components are produced to expert precision - beautifully, on demand, & on budget. more on Aluminaire